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I have a current/or I have attached a copy of the Big Childcare Enrolment and understand that my child cannot attend, unless all the details on this form are completed.

I understand that payments must be made in full, before the first day of attendance for bookings to be valid. I understand there will be no refunds under any circumstances and accept that I will be direct debited on Mon 1 April 2019 Any unpaid bookings will be cancelled. Big Childcare determines means of travel; this predominately includes bus travel.

I acknowledge the ratio of 1 educator to 15 children and understand approximately 30 children will be attending the excursions with 2 educators. Proposed time away from the service is approximately 8.30am to 3.00pm (exact excursion departure and return times will be communicated closer to the excursion date).

A risk assessment has been prepared in accordance with regulation 101 and I am aware that they are available to view at the service.

I understand that the pricing structure has changed for the Holiday Program. I am aware of extra 'On Tour 'costs for excursions (in addition to our Home Base price), as outlined in the brochure.

I understand that further information, any changes regarding descriptions of proposed destinations and activities to be undertaken on excursions are available in the holiday program brochure, risk assessments and at

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This form must be completed in full and families need to agree to terms and conditions in order for bookings to be accepted. Payment must be made, in full, before the first day of attendance for bookings to be valid. Unpaid bookings will be cancelled.

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